Flexus CORE 100 CORE 200 It Starts Here 2000x2000
Flexus CORE 100 CORE 200 It Starts Here

It starts here

The Klipsch Core 200 Sound System, powered by Onkyo, lays the foundation for amazing movie nights, gripping gaming campaigns that go late into the night, and streaming the next binge-worthy show. Powered by exceptional acoustics and Klipsch transport technology, this 3.1.2-channel sound bar is the first step towards building the whole home entertainment ecosystem of your dreams.

Flexus Onkyo Expertise Innovation Testing 2000x2000 v01
Flexus Onkyo Powered by Onkyo 2000x1125 v01

Powered by Onkyo

Klipsch and Onkyo have teamed up, combining decades of proven manufacturing and tech prowess with classic Klipsch acoustics, to ensure your home entertainment system is as epic in audio quality as it is in reliability.

Flexus Onkyo CORE 200 Internal View B 2000x1125 v01
Flexus Onkyo CORE 200 Internal View A 2000x1125 v01

Custom-tuned, best bass in class

This small-but-mighty 3.1.2-channel sound bar punches above its weight with two 2.25" aluminum drivers finely tuned by Klipsch acousticians and dual 4" built-in subwoofers for best-in-class bass. No subwoofer required.

Flexus Generic Block Web Images 2000x800
Flexus Generic Block Web Images 2000x800

Winner x7

The Klipsch and Onkyo have been raking in the awards with the Flexus Sound System. Check out the hype from CES 2024 and as seen on Rolling Stone.

Flexus Onkyo CORE 200 Immersive Spatial Sound B 2000x1125 v01
Flexus Onkyo CORE 200 Immersive Spatial Sound A 2000x1125 v01

Immersive, spatial sound

The Flexus CORE 200 was built for processing the newest movies, shows and games featuring virtual Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby’s immersive audio formatting enhances your experience by placing sounds precisely around and above you, creating a realistic, multidimensional audio environment.

Flexus System with App Control 2000x2000
Flexus Onkyo Klipsch Connect Plus 2000x1125 v01

You’re in control

With the new Klipsch Connect Plus app, access:

• EQ presets or your own custom EQ mix
• Night Mode
• Dialogue Boost
• Volume control
• And more to come

Download the Klipsch Connect Plus app now for iOS or for Android.

First, choose your core

Not sure where to begin? It all starts here: Check out the key differences between Flexus CORE 200 (this model) and Flexus CORE 100 to choose the right foundation for your home audio setup.

Flexus Onkyo CORE Comparison 2000x2250 v01
Flexus Onkyo CORE Comparison 2000x1125 v01

Next, epic expansions

Ready to upgrade? Enjoy lightning-quick connections across multiple channels with Klipsch transport technology by adding Flexus surrounds and a Flexus subwoofer (or two) to your easily expandable home theater system.

Klipsch Flexus SUB 100 10" Wireless Subwoofer
Klipsch Flexus SURR 100 Wireless Surround Sound Speakers
Flexus System Overhead CORE 200 SUB 100 SURR 100 2000x2500
Flexus System Overhead CORE 200 SUB 100 SURR 100 2000x1000

Klipsch Flexus Sound System

Powered by Onkyo



Spec Sheet

For more technical detail, download the Spec Sheet here: Flexus Core 200 Spec Sheet v08 .

Product Manual

Download the Product Manual for Klipsch Flexus CORE 200 here: Klipsch Flexus Core 200 Manual v01 .