ONKYO TX NR6100 in moody teal modern loft 2000x1000
ONKYO TX NR6100 in moody teal modern loft 2000x1000

Compliance with UK PSTI Regulation

Security Software Support Period

We comply with the applicable security requirements set out in Schedule 1 of The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Security Requirements for Relevant Connectable Products) Regulations 2023 at the time of this Statement, required by the UK government in the Product Security & Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022.

ModelDefined support period
TX-RZ7031st December 2026
TX-RZ5031st December 2026
TX-NR710031st December 2026
TX-NR610031st December 2026
TX-NR69631st December 2026
TX-847031st December 2026

If we extend this period and create a new defined support period, we will publish it as soon as possible.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

We welcome contributions from the security community. If you discover a security vulnerability in our products or services, please report the following information by sending an email to privacyandsecurity@voxxintl.com. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

Please include the following information:

  • Name of product, model number and firmware version
  • Description of the vulnerability
  • Reproduction steps for the vulnerability
  • Suggestions for fixes or mitigations

We will contact you within 3 business days of receiving your report to confirm receipt.

We will report on the vulnerability remediation process every two to three weeks.


  • Vulnerability reports should be handled with care. False reports or malicious activities are prohibited.
  • Reporting to vendors or relevant parties is preferred. Please cooperate to ensure that appropriate fixes are made before disclosure.

We appreciate your contributions to security. The report will be taken seriously, and appropriate actions will be taken.

Statements of compliance