Time to put that epic CD collection to good use

As we ring in the new year, we want to remind ‘90s babies how old they’re getting. Find solace in your third decade of life by dusting off the ol’ CD collection with Onkyo’s 6-disc player. And invest in some bulk Tylenol for those impending aches and pains.

Remember the ol’ compact disc? If you were born in the 1990s you likely lived off CDs. Invented in the mid-80s and roaring to popularity not long after, CDs changed the entertainment game. (For our fellow AV geeks out there, you can read about the science of how CDs work at HowStuffWorks.com.) In summary, CDs are impressed with a single long series of microscopic bumps to form a spiral of data. That data is then reflected off the CDs shiny surface and picked up by a laser which reads the bumps like morse code or binary, spitting out music or movies or whatever else is imprinted on the disc.

Onkyo has a rich history of innovation and producing norm-busting consumer audio devices, and we’ve done it again for the modern nostalgia-loving era. The DX-C390 6-Disc CD Player harkens back to a simpler time when instant gratification was less of a thing and you had to physically travel to a retail store to purchase music. Retro, right? The benefit of the DX-C390 is that we’ve incorporated decades of acoustic technology into the player to provide audiophile-grade sound for a new generation of unimpressed kids who’d rather be on TikTok. But their parents (or cool aunt and uncle) will be thrilled!


Modern components give the DX-C390 CD player unparalleled, high-precision sound, enhanced by our exclusive vector linear shaping circuitry (VLSC) for a smoother audio signal. Combined with direct digital path – a heavily shielded, high-quality cable that protects delicate audio signals from interruption by surrounding circuits – and housed in a sturdy aluminum chassis, the DX-C390 would have blown you away in your younger years. (Back then if my old boombox was sitting at a slight angle, the whole CD would skip.) We’ve come a long way!

DX C390 Disc Changer 2000x2000
DX C390 Disc Changer 2000x1333


Okay, so technically you could have hours of uninterrupted music with a few clicks on your phone…but that’s not nearly as rad as our DX-C390! Dust off your old CD collection – and take an antihistamine because at your age, that’s a thing you have to do – and prepare to wow your childhood self with six-disc capability! You also get six repeat modes, 40-track programming, and the ability to change five discs without interrupting the one that’s playing. It even comes with a remote so you can sit on your bean bag chair, drink your slurpee, and control your music without having to get up.

And getting up is harder now. Seriously did gravity get stronger? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

DX C390 Block 2 2000x1333


We engineer and build products for true lovers of art and music. Anyone can stream from a smartphone but how many of us out there have emotional ties to our favorite old tunes? Anyone reading this article is likely in that boat. Treat yourself or your nostalgic loved ones to the DX-C390 6-Disc CD Player and rekindle the old magic of digging through a pile of old CDs for the sheer joy of it.

Then post a reel about your experience on social media because c’mon, we’re not living in the dark ages. Pics or it didn’t happen!