TV and Onkyo TX RZ50 and Klipsch System in Immersive Movie Dirac MOBILE
TV and Onkyo TX RZ50 and Klipsch System in Immersive Movie Dirac 2000x1000

All About That Bass

Onkyo and Dirac Live Deliver Low Frequencies Perfectly Calibrated To Your Space

Dirac Live room correction tech comes standard with many newer Onkyo AVRs, but bass-heads will want to spring for the single or multi-sub upgrade

As we covered in a previous blog post, Dirac Live Full Bandwidth Room Correction technology comes standard with several of the newest Onkyo audio video receivers (AVRs). But we know there are a lot of audiophiles in our AVR community that really appreciate those deep, clear frequencies. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dirac Live to make our flagship model, the Onkyo TX-RZ70, compatible with the optional Dirac Live Bass Control upgrades.

Dirac Live Bass Control (DLBC) seamlessly integrates with your regular Dirac Live room correction system. Targeting and correcting the low-frequency resonances and room modes that can cause distorted or muddled bass, DLBC prevents your speakers or subs from working unnecessarily hard while providing a tighter, cleaner bass response.

DLBC is especially useful in maximizing the available headroom in your home theater system by addressing room-induced bass resonances. This will allow for an accurate reproduction of the audio signal while preserving dynamic range and avoiding clipping. DLBC is also flexible in that it provides additional parameters and settings that allow audiophiles who like to refine and tinker their systems more manually as well.

Dirac Live Bass Control is definitely a must-have for true home entertainment buffs who won’t settle for less than perfection. By upgrading your compatible Onkyo AVR with DLBC, your home theater system will be more accurate, controlled, and bassy than ever before.

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