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Full-scale adoption of the estron T2 Connector System in Custom In-Ear Monitors

April 3, 2020

Onkyo Corporation today announced that the estron T2 connector system has been adopted in full-scale in custom earphones. estron is a leading manufacturer of cables and connectors (estron a/s, head office: Denmark) (hereinafter estron)

Cutom In Ear Monitor

1. Purpose of estron T2 connector Adoption

 Onkyo manufactures and sell own custom earphones (Custom In-Ear Monitors, hereinafter Custom IEM). A Custom IEM is a product that enables listeners to enjoy music with a perfect fitting to the ear. The Custom IEM is made from a custom mould of the ear, which provide an individual fit to each customer. Custom IEMs are widely used by professional musicians and general audio users.
 For optimal use, Custom IEMs typically comes with a detachable cable, which requires a high quality connection. Strength, pull force stability, sweat and water resistance are essential parameters for a reliable sound transmission.

 Onkyo adopts the estron T2 connector in full-scale for their "Series M" and "Series J".
 The estron products are known worldwide for the highest quality and performance, which means the products are approved for medical devices and used in cochlear implants.
 With the adoption of the T2 connector system, Onkyo can provide custom IEMs that are much more suitable for each customers' use.
 Onkyo will continue to develop products in cooperation with estron.

2. About estron a/s

estron logo

 estron a/s which was founded in 1994 and based in Silkeborg, Denmark, is the leading developer and manufacturer of miniature components and a specialists in design and production of ultra-fine litz wires.
 The company mainly manufactures litz wires (internal wiring) and connector cables for hearing aids and audio products, and also the well-known Linum® replacement cable for earphones.

3. Attributes of the T2 Connector System

T2 connector system

  • No intermittence and pull force stability even with heavy use
  • Sealed connector system (IP67) for sweat and corrosion resistance
  • Consistent high durability ensuring long product lifetime
  • 4. Models Adopt T2 Connectors

  • Series M…IE-M1 (1WAY 1Driver) / IE-M2 (2WAY 2Driver) / IE-M3 (2WAY 3Driver)
  • Series J …IE-J1 (1WAY 1Driver) / IE-J2 (2WAY 2Driver) / IE-J3 (3WAY 3Driver)
  •  Note: These Custom IEMs are only available for sale in Japan.

     As described above, Onkyo will continue to provide products with the highest product performance and quality in accordance with the environment and applications that customers use.

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