Munenori Otsuki
President, Chief Executive Officer

Since the foundation of Onkyo, we have aimed to develop the ideal reproduction equipment for music, which is regarded as a universal language for humans. We would like people to enjoy good music with good sound. With this in mind, we based our management philosophy on “Value Creation”, meaning that we create value in our own unique way. With a management approach that focuses on the tireless pursuit of sound quality and the supply of high-quality products at a reasonable price, we nourish the Onkyo brand name—a name that’s been supported by a great many people for a very long time. We have always sought to add value. Our goal is to surprise and delight customers by adding “something new” (+ Something NEW) to production techniques and know-how developed over many years. Combining the heritage of our predecessors with contemporary technology, we continue on our mission to create new value for many years to come.

Takeshi Godai First President (Tenure: 1946-1990)

Conveying the Culture of Sound to the World with Ingenuity and Courage

Onkyo was established in 1946 with a philosophy of enriching the hearts of people in an affluent oasis of post-war Japan.

The challenges of audio design should not only include the technical aspects of precise audio reproduction, but also the creation of a beautiful listening experience as well. The pursuit of musicality defines the Onkyo sound story and remains our goal today.

With ingenuity and courage, we continue to devote ourselves to the cultivation of knowledge and craftsmanship so we can bring audio of supreme musicality to lovers of art and music.

Tsuneo Otsu Second President (Tenure: 1990-1993)

Bringing Wisdom and Power Together to Make New Progress

Since the foundation of Onkyo, we have tried to enhance our expertise, which is the driving force for business development. By combining everyone’s wisdom and power in the company for the future, we tirelessly promote these enhancements and make new progress. Delivering creative products to the market with confidence and vitality, we continue the growth of the Onkyo brand.

Naoto Otsuki Third President (Tenure: 1993-2009), Currently Honorary Chairman

A Global Business with Localized Products

In order to overcome challenging business conditions, we must strive to become a market-based organization. No matter what happens, we grit our teeth and work hard to meet our customers’ needs.

We drive our business forward by always listening to the voice of the customer, and then identifying precisely what product needs to be created and what regional strategies are required to meet those needs.

Our approach to globalized business is to provide customers with “localized” products tailored to their needs together with the best possible sound quality.